Live List

After reading so many of my blogger friends' Live Lists, I felt empowered enough to create my own.  The idea behind it is simple: make a list of things you've always wanted to do and then check it off as you accomplish each goal.  Kind of like a Bucket List, but not so morbid sounding, I guess.  Bucket Lists cram a bunch of stuff into a short period of time, I think, and Live Lists are more meant to just be taken one day at a time.  Megan Marie over at her blog, The Polished Pickle, is currently collecting live lists.  She makes links from her blog to your list in order for others to check it out and watch your progress.  Check it out! 

get healthy -- and stay that way
research my family's heritage
go an entire week without nagging (this is probably the most ambitious i could get!)
go on a cruise with Mom
vacation for a week on a beach in the summer
volunteer on Thanksgiving to feed the less fortunate
see the sunset over the Grand Canyon
drive the Avenue of the Giants, touring the California Redwood trees
touch a dolphin
see a Broadway musical – on BROADWAY!
eat real Buffalo wings in Buffalo, New York
lose 50 pounds and keep it offhave another baby (maybe a girl this time?)
take the boys to Disney
go on a honeymoon with my hubby
print out photos from our wedding and put them in an album
take my kids to see SNOW
have a backyard luau and invite EVERYONE I know!
see Cirque du Soleil/La Nouba Orlando
toss pizza dough (successfully)
inspire someone
watch a meteor shower